Todays guest is TV personality Kristen Doute. You may recognize Kristen from her long time role on Vanderpump Rules or perhaps from her content online. Kristen’s role on the show came to an end a few years ago and today she shares her story and reveals a side of her that you may not be as familiar with. We talk about reality tv, cancel culture, dating, mental health and so much more!


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What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:21 What took Kristen to hollywood?
  • 5:02 The beginning of Vanderpump Rules
  • 7:41 How REAL is reality TV?
  • 10:41 Did her role on the show impact her off camera?
  • 12:19 How did drama get planned on the show?
  • 15:22 The side of Kristen you may not be familiar with
  • 17:10 How did being called “crazy” impact her?
  • 22:05 Kristen gets kicked off Vanderpump Rules & “cancelled”
  • 27:53 Does she have PTSD?
  • 28:57 Kristen speaks on cancel culture
  • 33:46 Unexpected blessings 
  • 35:38 Does it bother her that they are filming a new season of Vanderpump?
  • 38:11 How she pulled herself out of a dark place
  • 43:32 How has Kristen rebuilt her self esteem?
  • 47:23 Is she dating?
  • 50:49 What’s next for her?
  • 52:42 What’s most misunderstood about her?

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