Today’s guest is Cameron Rogers, the voice behind @freckledfoodie. She’s a content creator and host of the freckled foodie & friends podcast and through her multiple platforms, Cameron creates a space where content is approachable and authentic, and she is the truest version of herself. Prior to pursuing freckled foodie full time,  Cameron worked on Wall Street for five years until she was in a life altering accident and decided it was time to wave goodbye to the corporate world and change the direction of her work to embody things she deeply cares about. Cameron is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and shares her struggles with her audience on things like pregnancy, postpartum depression, and parenting. Cameron is always in pursuit of a genuine discourse on the trials of motherhood and lately she has been super excited to share all the amazing benefits that have come from going alcohol free, which we dive into today and more!


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What to Listen For:


  • 1:59 Why did she quit drinking?
  • 7:24 What’s kept her going?
  • 9:29 How to attend events and not drink?
  • 13:47 Dealing with shame
  • 17:58 Why does she think alcohol has become so “normalized”
  • 21:12 Has Cam had any cravings ?
  • 23:35 Cam’s tools for self love and coping with stress
  • 26:37 How did drinking impact her anxiety?
  • 30:20 What’s her fitness routine like?
  • 34:16 What you can do if you struggle with body image
  • 38:29 Whats her advice for someone who is “sober curious?”
  • 41:36 How to handle peer pressure
  • 44:27 How has giving up alcohol made her a better Mom?

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