Today’s guest is Stefan Falk. Stefan is an internationally recognized executive coach and the author of Intrinsic Motivation: Learn to Love Your Work and Succeed as Never Before. Stefan is also a human performance expert for top business executives, special ops in the armed forces, and elite athletes, Falk has spent more than thirty years helping thousands of individuals, teams, and organizations become intrinsically motivated. He has held C-suite roles at several global companies, and has been responsible for driving corporate transformations valued in excess of two billion dollars. His leadership and human performance techniques have been developed in continuous cooperation with leading scientists in fields including neuroscience, behavioral science, and psychology. 


Today we discuss: what intrinsic motivation is and why it’s so important, how to get excited about a goal you want to pursue, why you must love what you do professionally, how to avoid the pain of failure, how to effectively navigate uncertainty and negativity, why achieving daily goals is so valuable, how to know when it’s time to quit a job and much more.

What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:30 What is intrinsic motivation?
  • 01:38 How to get a excited about a goal you are pursuing
  • 06:45 Use time to your advantage 
  • 08:20 Staying intrinsically motivated while working out
  • 10:41 Master the baby steps
  • 14:30 Losing motivation is normal
  • 19:04 Navigating uncertainty
  • 22:55 Regulating your nervous system
  • 25:06 Can helping others become problematic?
  • 27:41 Dealing with failure 
  • 32:26 Should you love your job?
  • 36:31 Is it time to quit your job?
  • 39:10 The only time failure is truly painful
  • 41:44 Use a calendar for negativity 
  • 46:33 Three things you should achieve daily 


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