Today’s guest is Moira Kucaba. Moira is a former alcoholic, addict and college dropout turned thought leader, seven figure entrepreneur and one of the most successful Beachbody coaches ever. Moira has been sober for over twenty years and today we dive deep into her story. 

Today on the show we discuss: the five things that have helped her stay sober for over two decades, why she still goes to twelve step meetings despite being heavily involved in the self help space, how to let go of shame and judgment from others when asking for help for your addiction, how she outgrew her identity as an addict and used her addictive personality to build a 7 figure business, what led to her addiction, what getting sober at 21 looked like and much more. 


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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:47 5 things that have helped her stay sober for 20 years 
  • 03:28 12 step meetings vs. personal development 
  • 08:07 Dealing with shame and judgment   
  • 10:14 Transforming her identity as an addict 
  • 18:04 Being driven led to her addiction
  • 20:59 Why did she put so much pressure on herself?
  • 22:58 When did things get bad?
  • 26:25 Hitting rock bottom
  • 33:12 Sobriety as a 21 year old 
  • 39:09 Daily mental work prepares you
  • 43:12 How she built a 7 figure business 
  • 46:16 Being recognized is a good thing
  • 50:16 Building inner self-worth
  • 53:28 Is Moira hard on herself?
  • 57:33 What does her identity look like now?

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