Today’s guest is David Manheim from the Dopey Podcast. Dopey podcast is the most popular addiction/recovery podcast that exists and has featured guests like Marc Maron, Jamie Lee Curtis, Margaret Cho, Danny Trejo, Jason Biggs and many others. Dopey was created by Dave and his cohost Chris in 2016, they met in rehab in Connecticut in 2011. Chris tragically died in July of 2018, relapsing and overdosing on cocaine and fentanyl. Dave never stopped making the show and continues on to push the Dopey message as far as it possibly can go. 

Today we discuss: Dave’s very entertaining and inspiring story, how addiction destroyed his career in show business before finding sobriety and starting Dopey, how loneliness and discomfort led to his addiction to drugs, what kept Dave going after the tragic death of his cohost Chris, how Dave finally found recovery after battling addiction for two decades, what he believes you must do to recover from addiction and much more. 



What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:17 How to recovery from addiction
  • 05:32 The genesis of Dopey
  • 06:07 How an internship at MTV led to a destructive path 
  • 10:07 Using weed to numb the pain
  • 13:46 Things get worse (fast) 
  • 15:40 Why Dave didn’t like himself 
  • 17:15 Learning how to lie
  • 21:03 Does Dave blame his parents?
  • 24:26 Seeking validation from his friends
  • 27:29 Sabotaging his career in show biz
  • 32:26 Did he think he was going to be a failure?
  • 35:48 Things get worse for Dave
  • 44:20 Did he think he would ever get sober?
  • 48:11 Hitting rock bottom
  • 49:28 Loneliness caused a lot of problems for him 
  • 53:24 Finally getting sober
  • 1:01:18 12 step meetings
  • 1:04:05 Overcoming feeling like a failure
  • 1:05:38 Tragedy strikes again for Dave
  • 1:09:04 Learning to be comfortable with himself
  • 1:10:14 Jamie Lee Curtis and Marc Maron
  • 1:13:02 What’s next for Dave?



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