Today’s guest is Jeannine Coulter – co-host of the popular recovery podcast, “Chasing Heroine.” Jeannine has an incredible story of recovery and has nearly 8 years of sobriety. Like many, this seemed like an impossible accomplishment in the previous years. Jeannines life started off great and was raised in a Christian home with loving parents. But, things changed drastically for her when her parents divorced unexpectedly and it completely wrecked her soul. The years that followed would be filled with debauchery, addiction, legal trouble and more. She even spent some of her final days of mayhem living in an actual doghouse. Today, she comes on the podcast to share her story of how she went from her darkest moments to finding sobriety, love and buying the fitness studio that helped save her life. We dive deep into her story from start to finish and so much more!

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What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro

  • 2:01 Why did Jeannine sell the studio that saved her life?

  • 8:37 The event that crushed her soul

  • 12:12 How did it lead her down the path of addiction?

  • 18:55 Jeannine moves to LA to pursue acting

  • 20:41 When did she start doing “hard drugs”?

  • 25:31 Does she consider herself an addict?

  • 29:02 How relationships with men fueled her addiction

  • 38:23 The drug that nearly destroyed her life

  • 40:54 Did her family know?

  • 43:45 Jeannine is homeless/arrested multiple times

  • 52:02 She lived in a DOGHOUSE before finally getting sober

  • 57:48 How did she rebuilt her life?

  • 1:00:29 Getting hired at the fitness studio that helped save her life (she bought it too)

  • 1:07:09 Emotional conversations with her Dad

  • 1:12:17 Can anyone save an addict?

  • 1:14:33 Healing from her parents divorce


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