Today’s guest is Sahil Bloom. Sahil is one of the most popular creators on twitter and the content he provides on wellness, mindset, money, life and mental health is nothing short of world class. What he has been able to accomplish by the age of 30 is absolutely insane. While at Stanford University, Sahil was a 4 year member of the Baseball team where he helped lead the team to two NCAA Super regional appearances. Sahil also won multiple awards for his academics and even was advised by former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice. After leaving Stanford he entered the world of finance where he worked his way up to vice president of a firm that managed billions of dollars in capital. However, things took an unexpected turn for Sahil a few years ago and he found himself disconnected, overwhelmed with anxiety and faced with a self induced ultimatum that led him to the world of twitter and media. We get into his comeback story today as well as his thoughts on success, failure, addiction, things that overrated, timelines, mental errors, life transitions, identity and much more. 


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What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:28 What to eliminate to become healthy, wealthy and happy
  • 4:29 The pleasure/pain trap (Sahil’s thoughts on addiction)
  • 7:51 What prompted Sahil to change his career?
  • 11:13 Sahil hits rock bottom
  • 13:59 His thoughts on money
  • 16:35 How does he manage his relationship with dopamine?
  • 19:43 Measuring success
  • 22:00 How to use failure to your advantage
  • 26:01 Dealing with life transitions
  • 27:44 Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • 29:58 How to become a “sponge” for information
  • 32:02 THESE things are often pursued by many but are way OVERRATED
  • 35:55 The best NON financial investments he’s made
  • 39:33 How to become more PRESENT
  • 41:35 Don’t worry about timelines!
  • 45:05 Dealing with regret
  • 46:21 Has your mental health improved?
  • 49:04 The power of boredom
  • 50:57 THESE mental errors will cost you
  • 52:44 Read THESE 3 books!
  • 54:09 Lessons he has taught his Dad


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