Today’s guest is Josh Peck. Josh has established himself as one of Hollywood’s rising talents, making the seamless transition between child actor to leading man. He is best known for his role on the Nickelodeon phenomenon, Drake and Josh, for which he received a kid’s choice nomination. The series premiere was watched by 3.2 million viewers, Nickelodeon’s highest rated series premiere in nearly 10 years. Josh is also 14 years sober and has such an amazing and inspiring story, which I think y’all are going to get a lot out of. Josh is also the author of the memoir, Happy People Are Annoying, which is the occasion for today’s chat. 

We talk about his weight loss journey, how it started, the motivation that kept him going, and how the need to lose weight led to addiction. Josh also shares his views on parenthood, the stories of people he got acquainted with during his recovery, the emotional disconnection with his family that he managed to patch up, and so many more! 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:17 Staying sober for 14 years
  • 04:59 Be the model you want your kids to be
  • 08:01 Becoming a first-time father
  • 11:15 Ways our body weight can manifest
  • 14:11 The inspiration and motivation to lose weight
  • 18:27 Getting introduced into drugs
  • 23:11 Living a normal life despite starring in a TV series
  • 25:23 A good life is a result of a good living
  • 28:21 Giving your time in a charitable way
  • 32:17 You can only relate to someone who shares similar experiences
  • 34:39 Prioritizing first the things that truly matter
  • 38:39 Taking a break from acting
  • 45:34 Dealing with rejection never gets easier
  • 48:57 When you give love, you receive love  

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