Today, we welcome Kenzie Elizabeth. Kenzie is a lifestyle and wellness content creator, podcaster, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. She hosts the podcast I Love You So Much which I was so grateful to be a guest on and I love the conversation so much that I definitely want to bring her on here to get into her story and have her share her insights.

We talk about growing up as an influencer, the challenges of being a content creator while valuing alone time with yourself, staying focused on what you want to do, building and maintaining confidence to share your daily life to others, and so much more! 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:09 The biggest advice when you’re in your 20’s
  • 03:18 Embracing uncertainties
  • 05:56 Keeping focused on yourself and what you want
  • 08:47 Valuing alone time
  • 11:04 Embracing change and knowing your worth
  • 16:27 Growing up in a tumultuous environment
  • 19:07 Being more anxious when in a relationship
  • 22:15 How to maintain your level of confidence
  • 25:03 Creating boundaries while sharing on social media
  • 27:49 Dealing with personal connections off of social media
  • 30:06 Creating content as a coping mechanism
  • 33:20 Creating Breadwinning Housewife brand 
  • 35:31 Common misconceptions about influencers
  • 38:24 Surviving therapy sessions
  • 41:19 Things that can improve your mental health
  • 44:00 What’s next for you? 

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