Today’s guest is Lindsey Metselaar. Lindsey is a native New Yorker and host of the highly popular We Met At Acme podcast, which has amassed over 7 million downloads since its creation in 2017. Lindsey also has a food blog called Don’t Expect Salads (@dontexpectsalads) with over 110,000 followers. In Today’s episode, we dive deep into Lindsey’s recovery journey. Up until 2018 when Lindsey got sober, Lindsey was heavily addicted to marijuana. What began as a way for her to cope and escape quickly morphed into a decade-long addiction that impacted her personal and professional life and became something she didn’t think she could live without. Today, We discuss her addiction journey from start to finish and what finally led her to stop getting high. Lindsey and I also talk about the many blessings that sobriety has given her and how she has learned to manage her emotions, develop self-awareness and create a new identity. We also talk about what you must do to thrive in recovery, how to survive a breakup and much more! 


What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:41 Using marijuana to “escape the pain”
  • 03:48 What was so appealing about getting high?
  • 05:15 Needing marijuana to function
  • 07:49 What kept her from becoming addicted to “hard drugs”?
  • 08:58 How did her addiction impact other areas of her life?
  • 10:37 Everyone is addicted to something
  • 12:03 Transforming projection into self-awareness
  • 13:26 Finding sobriety and recovery
  • 16:51 Quitting marijuana gave her freedom
  • 18:23 Transforming her identity 
  • 20:54 Regaining her creativity and memory
  • 23:11 Managing emotions
  • 25:16 Sobriety and relationships 
  • 29:51 Is weed a gateway drug?
  • 31:13 How to bounce back after a breakup
  • 32:43 Optimizing her mental health 
  • 36:43 What helps her stay sober?
  • 39:51 Dating advice



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