Today’s guest is Mari Llewellyn. Mari is a popular fitness guru, successful entrepreneur, avid mental health advocate and host of the Pursuit of Wellness podcast. At 250 pounds, Mari hit rock bottom, both mentally and physically. She decided to take ownership of her health and with the help of her now-husband, Greg, she was able to lose 90 pounds and finally find self-love. Llewellyn documented her astonishing mental and physical health journey via her online platforms which garnered her over 2M combined unique followers. She completely transformed her future and has now dedicated her life to help women from all backgrounds reach their full mental and physical potential. Through this mission, she launched Bloom Nutrition which is completely self-funded and grown through her own platforms. Today we talk about Mari’s incredible story from start to finish and break down the steps she took to completely transform her life mentally, emotionally and physically and so much more.



What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:44 What 3 things helped Mari transform her life?
  • 04:07 Mari hits rock bottom during college
  • 07:42 What is BPD? (borderline personality disorder)
  • 10:31 How did she handle being diagnosed with BPD?
  • 13:15 What has helped Mari manage BPD?
  • 15:55 Not letting her diagnosis define her
  • 17:56 What were the first steps Mari took to change her life?
  • 19:59 Coming off all medication
  • 21:45 Overcoming gym intimidation 
  • 24:09 How did Mari begin to transform her health?
  • 27:48 How long did it take her to lose 90 lb?
  • 31:37 The importance of having a “why”
  • 33:47 Does Mari struggle with her self image?
  • 35:16 How to handle weight loss plateaus/setbacks
  • 38:05 Other than fitness what else helps Mari cope with life?
  • 39:46 Why Mari’s relationship with her husband (Greg) is so special
  • 42:37 Her relationship with her family (& accepting them for who they are)
  • 45:52 The picture that started Mari’s business
  • 49:24 Bloom nutrition (their supplement company)
  • 51:05 Mari finishes college!
  • 53:26 What’s next on her healing journey?
  • 55:39 Did Mari ever reach a point where fitness didn’t help her emotionally?

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